Writing Workshops & Retreats Testimonials

Writing Workshops & Retreats Testimonials

"Great learning about publishing options and really useful advice on pot and narrative development. It has provided clarity on how to proceed." Cameron Walker, delegate on 6 week writing course. 

"I learnt so much about developing a story and the process of self publishing. It was wonderful to have writing 'homework' every week." Natalia Rojas, delegate on 6 week writing course.

"I feel much clearer on where I'm going with my writing. I loved the time to reflect and write with just enough socialising and sharing with others. The mind mapping was a useful tool to get us started. Thanks so much for a lovely weekend. I loved it!"  Anna Rymer delegate at the Writing Retreat 

"I loved the free time to write and the peaceful location. Perfect balance of social and writing time." Michelle Foulia delegate at the Writing Retreat

"Jude was very knowledgeable, supportive, organised and able to answer all questions posed. It was ALL useful. I particularly liked the demonstrations. Great stuff." Anna Mills delegate for Preparing for an Author Visit 

"It has given me so much inspiration to go away with. I can't wait to get started." Sarah Griffiths delegate for Preparing for an Author Visit

"I loved the fellowship and support of like-minded writers. The 'Overcoming Writer's Block' and 'Take One Picture' workshops were tremendously helpful.
Dawn Oates, Boston, USA 


"I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. I have loved having time to just sit and think about my writing and write. I would just like to say a very special thank you to two amazingly wonderful ladies, Jude and Sue for making this possible. I can't wait for the next one."
Claire Capper, Nantwich

"You covered every aspect and allowed me to dip my toe in the water - loved the homework too. Thank you SO much for igniting my inspiration."

"Great presentation and content."

"The marketing tips are very useful. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences."

"I loved the in class writing exercises. I'm going to write more frequently."

"Good information around publishing and illustrating."

I liked being in a group with like minded people. The tips and advice and experience of an authors journey was really useful. I have a better idea of what is involved. Time went too quick!"

"Loved it! I've been bitten by the writing bug again. Loads of publishing tips and swapping character profiles with people." Francesca Walker delegate on 6 week writing course

"I enjoyed the different themes each week, the homework, the technical details of publishing and the methods to start writing (mind mapping etc)." Emma Weeks delegate on 6 week writing course 

"I had a great weekend thank you! It was amazing to have the time to sit down and write! A great balance, I really liked that there was plenty of time to write." Natalia Rojas delegate on the Writing Retreat 

"Thank you so much - I feel totally inspired. Nice balance of everything. Really enjoyed listening to other's stories and hearing feedback. It was great to spend time with like minded people." Evelyn Baht delegate on the Writing Retreat  

"Each section was really informative - covered all aspects of a visit from pricing to delivering the talk. Really inspirational and I feel much more confident." Lorna McCann delegate for Preparing for an Author Visit. 

"It was brilliant - Jude, Sue, Emma and Mel's organisation made it work like clockwork. The workshops were just right and the general air of 'industry' in the writing time was infectious. Can't wait for the next one."
Jenny Jones, Liverpool

"Thoroughly enjoyed it - ALL of it. I loved having so much free writing time as I could really get stuck in."
Marie Cope, Wrexham

"I'd love another course. I was not sure if I had an aptitude but now feel it's worth persisting with writing for children."

"It was full of useful ideas and inspires me to read more in this genre to help with developing my story."

"Thank you for being so generous with your information and time. The course was above and beyond what I expected."

"Fab group - really well structured, easily accessible, got the creativity firing and great practical tips."

"Hugely informative and entertaining."

"I have really enjoyed every aspect of the course. Jude delivered it with personality and expertise."

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