Storytelling Testimonials for Schools and Events

Storytelling Testimonials for Schools and Events

"I liked the way we could change stories and make our own." Attendee at Storytelling Workshop for Accelerated Learning Summer Camp.

"I enjoyed acting, performing and making changes to Nursery Rhymes." Attendee at a Storytelling Workshop for Accelerate Learning Summer Camp.

"The thing I liked was making the story of the Three Big Wolves!" Attendee at a Storytelling Workshop for Accelerate Learning Summer Camp.

"Best session we've had! Some fantastic ideas to take away and use within an SEN classroom. Thank you." PGCE student training day at Liverpool Hope University

"Very engaging! Beautiful storytelling and lots of great ideas. Thank you." PGCE student training day at Liverpool Hope University

"Great session. Opened my eyes to creative aspect of storytelling, retelling and writing." PGCE student training day at Liverpool Hope University

"Very informative for creative ideas and plans for storytelling in all age phases."  Liverpool Hope University workshop day for trainee teachers 

"A very informative session. Gave great ideas, engaging and I really enjoyed it."  Liverpool Hope University workshop day for trainee teachers

"Really helpful ideas that are practical to use in a class and ideas that I feel confident with. I have developed a new understanding of storytelling."  Liverpool Hope University workshop day for trainee teachers

“Children thoroughly enjoyed the stories and were fully engaged throughout. I love the story box idea. I’d love to see sessions on different themes. Thank you. We had a lovely time.” St John’s Catholic Primary, Liverpool 

“They were clearly engaged, hanging on every word – it’s lovely to see Year 4 enjoying story time. You could have heard a pin drop as they listened intently." Gwladys Street Community School, Liverpool

“Very enjoyable and interactive. Perfect for EAL. Fantastic session and a lovely manner with the children.” St Hugh’s Catholic Primary School, Liverpool

“They were absolutely absorbed in every story – I have never seen them sit so still! The stories were fabulous and the use of actions was excellent for both me and the children." Blackmoor Park Infants, Liverpool

“They were all engaged and they enjoyed getting involved with the actions. I will use the story box idea.” Hatton Hill Primary School, Sefton

“Children were all engaged throughout. They clearly enjoyed the stories. I loved the session! It has given me lots of new ideas to support my teaching.” Our Lady’s Bishop Eton Primary, Liverpool.

“They were transfixed! Lovely to remember that stories can be ‘told’. Using the storybox and modelling enables the children to see how they might do it. So lovely to see Lamby and Miss Lennon again, she is an inspiration! Songs, story tin, story boxes, puppets – what more could you ask for?” Reception Teacher St Mary‟s Catholic Primary, Chingford, World Book Day 

“All the children were totally engaged in the session. It gave me some ideas how to engage the children during story time. I enjoyed the use of props to tell the story” Year 1Teacher, Much Woolton Catholic Primary, Liverpool

“I liked the story about Stubby because he was really clever and funny. I think Jude is a great storyteller because she puts a lot of enthusiasm in when she tells the story” Year 5 Pupil St. Benedict’s Catholic Primary, Warrington, 

“I’ve never seen them so engrossed! All the stories related to our topic. The children loved it! Jude was excellent – really related to the children and kept their interest.” Year 3 Teacher, Garston Primary School, Liverpool 

“They sat totally immersed in the stories. I thought it was wonderfully entertaining and inspiring! Brilliant use of props to help create a story. Excellent class control through use of voice levels, resources and offer to choose from the box. I think this is a fantastic venture with huge benefits for staff, parents and children. It was wonderful!” Year 1 Teacher, Waterloo Primary School, Waterloo 

"Jude ran a storytelling workshop at Liverpool Hope University with a group of students teachers who are specialising in English. Her ideas for engaging children in and through storytelling are utterly captivating and imaginative, yet really accessible to the class teacher - she inspired us all to want to go straight out and do some storytelling ourselves!
The visual aids she used were also very engaging - we particularly loved the story boxes!
And all of this was grounded in sound pedagogy and informed by research - fantastic. Please come back and see us again soon!" Veronica Poulter Primary English Coordinator and Lecturer in Teacher Education


"Really good/exciting ideas for storytelling that I will be able to use with my class. Thank you." PGCE student training day at Liverpool Hope University

"Very engaging lesson. I think the things I have learnt can transfer across all placements and my future career as a teacher." PGCE student training day at Liverpool Hope University

"Enjoyable and engaging. I lovely chance for Year 6 to just enjoy storytelling and story time. Inclusive and informative." Year 6 Teacher

"A lovely interactive session for the children who could join in with the storytelling with actions. Enjoyed by all!" Year 1 Teacher

"I am currently in KS2 (Year 5) so I liked all the ideas on engaging this age group in story telling such as story boxes,  story umbrellas etc. Jude delivered a great lesson!."  Liverpool Hope University workshop day for trainee teachers 

"A really beneficial workshop - thank you. I'm definitely going to use the story umbrellas on my next placement."  Liverpool Hope University workshop day for trainee teachers

"Lovely resource ideas and a nice way to look at storytelling across the Primary Curriculum. Thank you."  Liverpool Hope University workshop day for trainee teachers

“Thank you very much for a fantastic storytelling session for the Young Archaeologists Club. They thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a completely new take on archaeology for them.” Liverpool Museum, Young Archaeology Club

“You were fab! Fabulous storyteller.” Jane from Ace Forest School following a Tale and Trail event

Your storytelling had the children spellbound." Audience member from the opening event for Blend of Words Festival

“I brought three children aged 3, 4 and 5. They all loved the stories, felt fully included and really enjoyed themselves. Thanks”
Wrexham Carnival of Words Festival 18-4-15

“Jude was so animated and let the children join in as much as possible even the really young ones! Listening to some childhood stories that I‟d forgotten made me appreciate how important it is to read to my baby” Mum and 6 month old baby girl, Bridge Chapel Community Centre

We had lots of positive feedback from students. Thank you for your support.” Sefton Children’s University, Where Your Wellies Take You workshop.

“They were very engaged, especially in the practical element. I liked the idea of the umbrella as a starting point to inspire story writing.” St. Elizabeth’s School who attended the Where Your Wellies Take You workshop for Sefton Children’s University.


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