The Busy Month of May

May has been a busy month!

May has been busy for four very different reasons.

1. The Blend of Words Festival which I helped to organise was a huge success. We had guest authors from many genrés including Crime, Thrillers, Historical Fiction, Political writing, children’s and Comics. There was truly something for everyone. At times the shop was full of raccoons, squirrels, lambs and skunks. At others it was full of Spider Man and Frank Cottrell-Boyce stood on a chair. It’s hard to capture all the events in one blog so please feel free to visit the facebook page to find out The feedback was brilliant and we already have plans for lots of exciting future events. 

2. The whole month has been Get Caught Reading Month. 

What a brilliant excuse to enjoy books. Books are like little portals to another world. They can open the doors to adventures galore, new experiences, different countries or galaxies. They can make you leave the mundane behind and lose yourself in a fantasy kingdom. Books are just brilliant. I firmly believe that the younger children enjoy books and stories the better. But don’t take my word for it. The research has proved this time and again. If you are ever in doubt what to buy a child as a gift, you can’t go wrong with a book. Which leads me on nicely to point 3…

3. Astronaut Lamby launches!

After many fraught hours spent grappling with technology and submission guidelines, my latest children’s book has finally gone off to the printers. Lamby is delighted as this is the first book to feature him. The path to get the book to printers was as bumpy as a moon landing at times but the following people helped to keep me sane. My fantastic editor Sue Miller from All Words Matter, my brilliant illustrator Holly Bushnell from Holly Bushnell Designs and Illustrations, fellow writer P N Burrows who updated my website and created some fantastic marketing shots and my long suffering, endlessly patient partner Dom Bryan who got me through the tech maze to the launch pad. Anyone who thinks writing is easy should give it a try when deadline looms.. the book is available to order from Amazon using the following link 

4. May has also been National Share a Story Month – perfect for any storyteller. Lamby and I have had a busy month of sharing stories. We’ve visited schools and shared tales about Greeks, Romans and the Rainforest. We’ve told tales at our regular storytelling venues on topics as diverse as pirates, dragons and Water. We’ve taken part in the Blend of Words Festival and we’ve just got back from a lovely weekend in Shropshire. 

All in all the month of May has been busy but a whole lot of fun. We can’t wait to see what June brings