School Visits

Meet an Author

Jude spends the whole day in school visiting a range of classes for between 30 and 45 minutes (age related). The session will cover

  • How she became an author
  • Tips for writing
  • Book readings
  • Question and Answer 

Jude offers two price options with this.

Option 1 flat fee FROM £350 for the day. Pupils may purchase the book if they wish.

Option 2 FROM £75 expenses and at least 30 books will be bought by pupils, the school or both. If fewer than 30 books are sold, the school will pay the difference.

These costs are based upon visits to schools in the Liverpool area, travel expenses will be added for distances over 15 miles.

Click on Other Workshops to see what else Jude can provide.

Author in Residence

FROM £1200 your school can enjoy 4 full days of visits throughout the year (annual not academic). The visits could include Author talks, Q and A, writing workshops, Drama into writing etc.

Words or Pictures

 A full day of workshops that allow children to see for themselves how Authors and Illustrators work together. These sessions (which are suitable for EYFS, KS1 and KS2) will allow children to help with both writing and drawing tasks. There will be a Q and A at the end.

FROM £700 for the full day with Jude and one of the following illustrators

Holly Bushnell - Holly has worked with Jude on Astronaut Lamby and is also providing the illustrations for two of Jude's new titles Floga With Flossie and Pirate Lamby and His Woolly Crew

Alan Jones - Alan has worked with Jude on the Slow Down For Bobby campaign producing illustrations for both Superbob and Superbob Tells Off Parents (STOP)

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