Pirate Lamby and His Woolly Crew


Pirate Lamby sails the seven seas In his wonderful ship The Laughing Louise. He sails for weeks with his woolly crew. Jump aboard, you’re welcome too. Lamby and his trusty crew find a treasure map. All they have to do is find the island and dig up the gold…but will they succeed?



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5.0 out 5 star Review on Amazon


Lamby’s adventures continue on the seven seas. Here is a five star review from Amazon.

“This story was bought to be used in a playgroup to fit into our terms theme of The Sea. We have a book of the week and this was our story for the week. The children really enjoyed it and by the end of the week were re-telling the story before we were turning the pages! This book grew on me as week went on and I could see how much the children were getting out of it. I will definitely be using this again in my setting.” Rachel