Pick Up Your Pen Membership


Pick Up Your Pen Membership – £30 per month




Pick Up Your Pen Membership – £30 per month

  • 1 x evening Let’s Write Session 2nd Monday of the month – 7.00-8.30pm (via Zoom)
  • 1 x morning Let’s Write Session 4th Friday of the month – 9.30-11.00? (via Zoom)
  • Aims and achievements for the week – one post to set them and one to see how we’ve got on. (FB group)
  • Flash Fiction Friday – a chance for members to write 100 words using a set word as a starting point. (FB group)
  • Marketing Moments (FB group)
  • General info about literary events coming up (FB group)
  • 1 x Networking event to meet and chat to other authors/writers this will run once a month alternating between Day time and Evening. (via Zoom)

NB You will be able to pay £10 to attend Any Guest Workshops/sessions taking place in the Extra Ink group.

Quote from existing member

“It’s inspired me to do some writing and planning. It is helping so much having goals to set and also the flash fiction writing started off my creative juices flowing nicely!” M Templeman


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