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1-1 Mentoring from £60-£400

Why work with a mentor?

You have an idea for a story or book but never seem to find time to actually write it.
You have started a story or book but have lost momentum.
You have started a story or book and need some direction and pointers.
You aren’t sure what writing a story or book entails.
You have listened to your Imposter Syndrome voice and don’t believe you can write.
You need someone to keep you on target and on track.
You want to get this flipping book done!

About Jude

A former teacher who helped very young children learn to write, Jude now encourages adults to develop their writing skills and allow their creativity to shine.
Since leaving teaching, Jude has written and published over 20 books for children and adults. She has run numerous writing courses which have received excellent testimonials and many former delegates continue to attend Jude’s Pick Up Your Pen Club or book onto her writing retreats and writing day events.

Jude has worked with several writers on a 1-1 mentoring basis including working with one young writer to produce a finished book which was shortlisted in a Book Award.

You can book either a Power Hour to get your thoughts in order and set some goals, or book a set of sessions over a few months.

Available sessions

Power Hour

This online 1-1 Zoom session will establish an outline for the writing project, set some goals and set a timeline. The session lasts an hour plus you will receive a write up consolidating the points that were discussed. £99

Ongoing Mentoring – Each session last one hour and includes feedback for written work as well as pointers and focus areas for moving forward.

Jude will meet with the client for an initial chat about their writing project and what they need support with.

Following the initial meeting, a date will be agreed for a body of writing work (normally a chapter) to be sent to be read and annotated.. A date will also be set for a feedback session.

Prices – £60 per session (this includes reading and annotating time for one chapter or up to 5,000 words).

4 sessions – £220
8 sessions – £400


Testimonials –

With Jude’s guidance, I was able to carve out a better story from my manuscript. I felt more motivated than ever and Jude showed me that there’s more than just a character arc. With her help, I was able to make the words dance on the pages.
Charley Wilcock, Author and Illustrator

Jude mentored me for over a year and helped me to work on several drafts of my memoir. I would send her two chapters a month for her to read through and then we met online so she could give me her feedback. It was invaluable to have a professional author reviewing my work and giving me her advice and support. I genuinely couldn’t have written it without Jude’s mentoring, and I would highly recommend her services to any writer.
Maddy Templeman






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