CD Roms

Little Lamb Phonics Poems and worksheets available on CD

The CD’s can be bought individually at a cost of £7 each or as a full set for £18 including postage and packaging.
To order your copy, click on the order form link below.  Your data will not be shared with anyone else!

(The preferred method of payment is Direct Bank Transfer)

Your data will not be shared with anyone else!

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Screenshots from the CD resource are shown below. These examples are from all three resources. If you download the app free - you can see examples of the Phase 2 poems. 

Poems CD 1 screenshot
Phonics Poems CD screenshot
Phonics poems letter B b screenshot
Phonics poems CD screenshot - words
Phonics CD screenshot Sh words
Phonics CD Screenshot - singalong shapes and instructions
Phonics CD screenshot - sign placement
Phonics CD screenshot - singalong letter shapes based on BSL
Phonics CD screenshot singalong sign language shapes

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