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Getting Creative with Writing

Getting children interested in writing can be a challenge. This workshop offers the children some fun activities that will lead into creative writing. Working with one class for an entire morning or afternoon the session covers -

  • Where to start with writing.
  • Using Mind Maps to develop ideas.
  • Character Profiles.
  • Using props and resources to inspire writing.
  • Interviewing objects which may appear in a story.

The session encourages children to collaborate and work as a team. It also allows them to explore writing in a relaxed environment.  Although writing goes on throughout the session, the children don't always realise this! The workshop will inspire, enthuse and motivate children to write.

These sessions are most suitable for Year 2 upwards and have been extremely successful with Year 5 and Year 6.

Cost FROM £275 for a morning (one class) or FROM £375 for a whole day (2 classes). Two days would cost FROM £650 and three days FROM £950. Writer in Residence can also be arranged.

Please email jude@littlelambpublishing.co.uk  for more information or to book a date for your setting.

"It was fantastic! It's given me plenty of ideas for activities and inspiration for how to approach story writing. They have realised all the exciting elements of writing and storytelling. Thanks for being so inspiring, fun and creative with the children." Year 6 Teacher Rudston Primary

"I have really enjoyed it today, I now feel differently about writing and enjoy it more." Year 6 pupil, Rudston Primary.

Story Boxes

Story Boxes are a wonderful resource but often finding a spare adult to use them to their full potential is difficult. The Story Box Project could be the answer to this problem! This is an exciting opportunity to develop speaking and listening skills and writing skills over a longer period of time with your pupils.

Using my own storyboxes which cover themes such as Space, The Forest/Woods, Under the Sea, Dinosaurs and Castles, a small group of children can work with me to develop their storytelling skills.

One morning per week for a 6 week period, I would come to your setting and work with three groups of children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2). The objective of the project is to promote writing through speaking and listening activities. This is particularly useful when trying to encourage boys writing. For further details please get in touch.

This project is charged from £1500 for the 6 week period.

Please email jude@littlelambpublishing.co.uk  for more information or to book a date for your setting.

"Storyboxes are a great idea. Great for imagination, sentence work, storytelling and writing stories." Delegate at Reading Rocks workshop about the importance of Storyboxes for writing.

Say it to Write it!

Providing Continued Professional Development for teachers and support staff, the workshop offers delegates some practical ideas for developing crucial speaking and listening skills. These include the use of puppets and Small World, Story Umbrellas, Story Boxes, Drama/movement and music. Delegates will then be shown how to use these skills to encourage/improve and develop creative writing. These skills can be used in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 and will, in fact, encourage staff to develop their own creative writing skills.

Prices are correct as of 2023 and do not include travel expenses which are negotiated at point of booking.

Half Day workshop FROM £600 

Full day workshop FROM £1000; this workshop offers staff a more in-depth look at the skills and activities that can promote creative writing.

Please email jude@littlelambpublishing.co.uk  for more information or to book a date for your setting.

"Very encouraging. Lots of great ideas to introduce storytelling, cross curricular ideas, ideas for EAL pupils. I found this session really helpful. Thank you very much." Delegate at Liverpool Hope University.


Drama Into Writing

Drama is a fantastic way to enhance and develop Creativity. Speaking & Listening, PSED, problem solving and writing skills. We offer several Drama workshops including -

  • Workshops based upon a book or theme of your choice for Nursery to Y6.
  • Drama as a way into writing for Nursery to Year 6.
  • Drama into writing training for staff/trainee teachers.

Pupils and delegates will experience a range of Drama skills during the session.

Half day (one class for the whole morning or whole afternoon) FROM £275.

Full day (two classes spread over the day) FROM £375.

Training for staff/trainee teachers FROM £600

Prices are correct as of 2023.

Please note travel costs will be negotiated at the time of booking.

Please email jude@littlelambpublishing.co.uk  for more information or to book a date for your setting.

"Wonderfully pitched with fabulous pace for young children to keep up and be interested in." Nursery Teacher at Manor Primary School.

"Fab workshop - interactive, engaging, thought provoking. I have lots of ideas to take to the classroom with me." Delegate at Edgehill University training session.

"Really enjoyed learning the different definitions of drama for learning and writing. Also the way it was implemented where we were able to see it in action. This will be a great help for professional practice and will help generate many ideas. Thank you very much." Delegate at Edgehill University training session.


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