Write Blend Book Awards 2023, Best Adult Fiction

"I was delighted to win this award for my novel Kintsugi. Winning an award is a wonderful way to receive recognition for all the hard work which goes into writing a book. Huge thanks to Bob Stone at Write Blend for organising the competition and to the judges who gave up their time to read and decide the winners."

The Points of Light Award

This cross party nationally recognised award was awarded to Jude Lennon and Natalie Reeves Billing for the work they do with their Builder Book project. To date, the project has planned, designed, assembled and delivered around 23,000 boxes to children and families in and around the Liverpool City Region. They have also delivered numerous den building workshops which allow children to build confidence, problem solve, work as a team and communicate effectively. Jude and Natalie were invited to 10 Downing Street to join a special Eurovision themed party. While there, they were presented with their award by the Right Honourable Secretary for Culture Media and Sport, Lucy Frazer.

Good Small Business Awards - finalist

Jude Lennon and Natalie Reeves Billing were delighted to be finalists in the Good Small Business Awards 2023 Community Enterprise category. They were shortlisted for their Builder Book (Split Perspectivz CIC) work which takes creativity and literacy boxes out to children and families across the Liverpool City Region.

Positivity Awards

Jude won this award in 2019 in the Creative Category for the impact her storytelling and books had on the community especially the work she did with the Bobby Colleran Trust.

Disney Winnie the Pooh Laureate of the North West

Awarded to Jude in March 2014, this was the award which set Jude on her path to being an author. During the shortlisting process, Jude had to read her story to a Disney Representative in America which was a new and exciting (if nerve wracking) experience. She reads this story during her author talks to children and it is always very well received. Jude will always be grateful for the opportunities this award opened up to her.

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