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Jude offers a range of services to Primary schools including author visits, storytelling, creative writing sessions and drama workshops. Author visits to schools encourage reading and writing for pleasure and help to encourage children to have aspirations whether as future readers, writers, illustrators, librarians or editors. Enthusing the children with her love of words, books and writing, Jude spends the whole day in school visiting a range of classes for between 30 and 45 minutes (age related). The sessions will cover

  • How she became an author
  • Her writing process
  • Top Tips for writing
  • Book readings
  • Question and Answer

Jude offers two price options with this.

Option 1 flat fee FROM £350 for the day. Pupils may purchase the book if they wish using an order form sent prior to the visit.

Option 2 FROM £100  for half a day. Expenses and at least 30 books will be bought by pupils, the school or both. If fewer than 30 books are sold, the school will pay the difference.

Option 3 FROM £200 for a full day. Expenses and at least 30 books will be bought by pupils, the school or both. If fewer than 30 books are sold, the school will pay the difference.

All prices are based upon visits to schools in the Liverpool area, travel expenses will be added for distances over 15 miles.

Please email Jude at for information or to make a booking.

Please click on Other Workshops to see the other services that are available.

"The children learnt about what an author does but also how stories can be told and how they can be super exciting. It was just fantastic!" Year 1 Teacher

"Inspirational for children who aspire to be authors and discussing the writing process from the point of view of an author was great.  Good for children to see that writers are people and anyone can be a writer.  We are currently discussing careers so good for children to hear the journey to become an author."  Year 6 Teacher King David Primary School 

"I thought that I'd like to be an author too as it was brilliant. I got lots of ideas and information about how to write." Year 2 pupil at Welshampton Primary

Author Jude Lennon's author visits to schools

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