About the Illustrators

My illustrators

I've been lucky enough to work with several illustrators on my projects. Here is a bit more info about them.

Claire Chrystall illustrator and now garden designer.

Claire Chrystall

Claire was the first illustrator I worked with. She drew the beautiful illustrations which accompany my book of Poems To Make Phonics f-u-n! Claire has hung up her paintbrush and is now designing gardens.

Chris Rodenhurst

I met Chris when he was working on a project for the Reader Organisation based in Calderstones Park. He had been commissioned to draw a map of the park highlighting  important features. I saw his drawing of the Allerton Oak and asked if he would do the drawings for my story The Dragon  of Allerton Oak. Luckily for me, he said yes. Chris has hung up his paintbrush for now.

Holly Bushnell

I met Holly at Write Blend bookshop and knew straight away that she could capture Lamby in all his fluffy gorgeousness. Holly has completed the illustrations for all of my  Lamby books: Astronaut Lamby, Floga with Flossie, Pirate Lamby and His Woolly Crew, Lamby goes Camping and Lamby and Flossie's Tales from the Travel Pouch, Sir Lambalot and Lamby and Flossie's Christmas Collection. You can find out more about her work on her website.

Trevor Howarth

Trevor provided the illustrations for Glad To Be Dan.  This was a collaborative work between myself and Mindfulness practitioner Jo Howarth who is passionate about good mental health for all. Trevor has also done several book cover designs for other authors.

Alan Jones illustrator for Jude Lennon's books Super Bob, SuperBob Tells Off Parents and cover designer for Fernando Can Tango

Alan Jones

Alan drew the fabulous illustrations for Super Bob and S.T.O.P - SuperBob Tells Off Parents.  These books were written for the Slow Down  For Bobby campaign. He also designed the cover for Fernando Can Tango, a bilingual book written with Adventures in Spanish. Alan was a diverse artist specialising in pet portraits. Unfortunately, Alan passed away in 2023 from cancer and he is sadly missed.

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