You Can’t Handle the Hoof!

Hi everyone,
Lamby and Flossie here and we’d like to share our Highland Hoof Blog about our adventures around the NC500 in Scotland. Some of you may have been reading our owner Jude’s blog which is all very lovely but doesn’t tell you the truth. It wasn’t all sunshine and beautiful views for us you know. There were several occasions when we were scared for our fleeces. So grab yourselves a cuppa and prepare to be shocked!
The first couple of days went pretty smoothly as we made our way from Liverpool to Carlisle and then up to Inverness. It was once we were on the actual NC500 that the ‘issues’ started to arise.
Issue 1 – Poop Alert.
During a walk near Tarbat Ness Point Lighthouse, Jude set us down to take a photograph of us in front of said lighthouse. Did she check for bird poo? No she did not and we narrowly escaped being sat in it. We forgave her as the spot was so lovely and she did manage to carry us down to the little cove without dropping us.
Issue 2 – Abandonment.
We are used to going everywhere with Jude and Dom yet the night of Jude’s birthday in Helmsdale Harbour they left us in the van unattended while they shimmied off to the pub. They didn’t even bring us so much as a pork scratching back with them.
We were prepared to overlook this and the next day enjoyed driving along the coast, looking at ancient monuments and exploring Wick. We also very much enjoyed staying with Jude’s friend Lisa who has a wonderful view over the ocean.
The next day we set off for John O’Groats which lead to the next issue.
Issue 3 – Keep Away from the Edge!
John O’Groats was lovely and we both enjoyed looking around and stretching our hooves on the beaches. The problem came at Duncansby Stacks. Although a lovely sunny day, the wind was howling up there and when Jude decided to take a photograph of us near the edge of the cliff we were worried we’d end up joining the fish in the sea below. Initially Jude put us down without any safety measures in place but it soon became apparent that we were in grave danger without human intervention. We can only be thankful that Dom was on hand to steady us – you can see photographic evidence of this wilful neglect below. (he’s in the orange hat!)
Thankfully the next part of the journey to the Kyle of Tongue was more peaceful but the peace and tranquillity ended at Smoo Cave.
Issue 4 – A Near Soaking.
Smoo Cave is home to a powerful waterfall which crashes down before joining the stream which flows onto the beach. Jude has got form for not being able to catch things and even, dare we say it, dropping things. Imagine our horror when she held us up over the water with the waterfall pounding down behind us. Neither of us were convinced she had tight hold and for one awful moment we felt ourselves lurching to the right. Thankfully Jude held on and we were saved.
After an experience like that, we were relieved to park up at Ardmair Point for the night. As lovely as it was, this place gave us not one but two scares.
Issue 5 – Attack of the Gull.
The wind had finally died down and we were enjoying a morning cuppa with a view when some sort of gull decided it wanted to join us for breakfast. More to the point, what it really fancied was US for breakfast. The gull looked at us, we looked at the gull. The gull looked again and came closer and closer. Where were our protectors? You may well ask. They’d left us, abandoned, to face the killer gull by ourselves. Then horror of horror, it actually tried to get hold of Flossie with its beak. Thankfully Dom spotted this and chased it off.
It’s a shame Dom didn’t remain this vigilant as the next issue happened within half an hour of the gull attack.
Issue 6 – Faceplant!
Having recovered from ordeal by gull, the next trauma was waiting to be inflicted. As we sat there in our little chair enjoying the view (gull free), Dom managed to walk into us and knock the chair flying. It didnt just wobble it fell fully over and tipped us out so our faces met grass. This is completely unacceptable for lambs of our standing and we put in an official complaint.
Following this deep trauma we were thankful to have a day without incident driving down towards Gairloch Point Beach (we loved it there) and Lochcarron. The remaining issues occurred once we were on Skye.
Issue 7 – Caterpillar Cowpat.
Safely (or so we thought) ensconced on the day pack we were carried down a steep zig-zag path towards Staffin Harbour. The pathway down was made of rocks and boulders and was liberally covered in mud and cowpats. Half way down, Dom decided that his NC500 experience would be incomplete without a photograph of a caterpillar. Yes that’s right, a caterpillar. He crouched down to take the photo (you can see it below) and the day pack slipped from his shoulder and we hurtled towards the floor before finding our faces pressed into the boulders. We were inches from poo! I know you will be deeply shocked. We certainly were and it took some time before we could talk to him.
Issue 8 – Another One Bites the Dust.
Following a peaceful evening we were looking forward to scampering up some hills the next day. The Quiraing (pronounced Kerang) were spectacular and then we moved on to the Old Man of Storr. Again the scenery was amazing and we were safely carried up some rocky paths and pretty steep scrambles. Everything was going well or so we thought.
Jude wanted to take some photos of us with some of the rock formations behind us. Disaster struck again. One minute we were on a rock having our photo taken, the next we were on the deck. This was now getting beyond a joke! We have included the photo were you can see us disappearing off the bottom of the photo. Neglect caught on camera.
Finally we arrived at the top and this time they managed to put us down rather than throw us, avoid the poo and take a photo without us disappearing over the edge. Result.
All in all our little holiday was wonderful. We saw so many lovely things and thoroughly enjoyed it – well most of it! As for the above incidents, we have forgiven them but we certainly won’t forget and we urge you not to either.
If you are concerned about any of the issues in this Highland Hoof Blog please get in touch to show your support.
Thanks for reading – Lamby and Flossie x

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