Feliz Ana Novo

I’m not going to make any apologies for the less than usual text in this account of New Year on Copacabana beach. Be honest, some of you may be quite glad of that.

Put simply New Year in Rio was spectacular! Here are some highlights…

  • Seeing everyone’s outfits. Most people (me included) wear white. It’s a tradition I guess to do with new beginnings. Flower garlands are also very popular.
  • The totally welcoming, warm and happy environment – Gay, straight, black, white, thin, fat, trans, or not – all are welcome and all are loved equally.
  • The light up shoes!
  • Welcoming in New Year with our travel buddies Kass and Helen.
  • The fireworks – a twenty minute continual blast of colour, fizz, sparkle, whizzing and explosions which lit the sky and soon covered it in smoke. Amazing!
  • Wishing and being wished Feliz Ana Novo – Happy New Year by so many people.
  • Walking into the sea clutching a gladiola, waiting for the seventh wave and throwing the flower out while making a wish. If the flower returns your wish won’t come true, if it floats away it will…mine floated.
  • Being able to walk into the sea after midnight without freezing!
  • Trying to find our way back to the tube (it runs ALL night) and getting help from the loveliest group of gay guys who were from all over South America. “Here you go, there is station, we go disco now! Happy New Year!” as they waved us on our way.
  • The guards on the station letting us on with a special free ticket because we didn’t know you couldn’t buy one on the night. Super friendly!

Enjoy the photos!

And if you ever get the chance to go to Rio for New Year jump at it!

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