Wall of Water

The last blog was full of water and this will be no different! Last time, we enjoyed the splendour of The Devil’s Throat at Iguassu National Park. This boiling, hissing, roaring surge of water certainly left an impression. Having sustained ourselves with snacks following this wonderful sight, we made our way to Iguassu Upper Circuit.

We walked through the jungle passing a multiple of coatis all looking cute and a family of monkeys with some adorable babies.  They all seem fairly fearless around humans and we got up really quite close. So close that one of the monkey babies took a real interest in my mascots Lamby and Flossie who had to be whisked away for their own protection.









I didn’t think anything could top The Devil’s Throat for wow factor but the Upper Circuit did just that. To start with, it was far less crowded with lots of spectacular views along the way. With 275 waterfalls in Iguassu National Park there was plenty to see. Everywhere we looked there was water pouring, trickling, gushing, whooshing and falling. It was really overwhelming – almost too much for the senses to cope with. Here and Machu Picchu will remain highlights of this trip.

We sat down up here for another snack break but also to take in the views. And while we sat, we were joined by a friend. From out of the undergrowth and right behind Helen emerged an Iguana. With black and silver scales it was undoubtedly attractive but a little eerie. We all stood up quickly and decided it was time to move on.


There was still another circuit to explore and on our way down there we saw another side to the ‘cute’ coatis. A nasty squabble between some of the older coatis and the babies broke out over some food. The noise was dreadful and they suddenly turned from cute and cuddly to fierce and dangerous.  It was a sober reminder that they are indeed wild animals and should be treated with caution.

At the end of this circuit was a wall of water. And I mean that literally. It cascaded down a drop of about 100 metres and is undoubtedly the biggest power shower you’ll see.

Again, the noise was intense and conversations only possible with raised voices. Another soaking awaited us as we got closer. On such a sticky day we embraced the soaking with open arms. And then, the rain started too. There was water coming at us from every possible angle and it felt very refreshing.

Listening to and watching water is something I always find mesmerising and this was no different. Watching, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling the water made it a truly sensory experience. If Iguassu hasn’t been on your ‘Must Visit’ list I would strongly recommend that you add it on. You certainly won’t be disappointed.


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