How Wet Can You Get?

Having dragged our wet, soggy bedraggled selves back onto dry land we loaded onto a jeep and were taken back to the rest of the walkways in Iguassu National Park.

As the weather continued to be mixed we alternated between steaming slightly in the sun and adding yet more moisture to our already wet selves. There’s nothing quite so horrible as squelching in wet sandals feeling all your clothes chaffing your skin!

From here, the walkways allowed us to glance back at the waterfalls in Argentina as well as see what our boat would have looked like under the waterfalls themselves. It was easy to see why we had ended up so very wet!

We also managed to get some photos of me with one of my books – Fernando Can Tango. I’d wrote this book with Kelly Thornhill and it is set in Argentina. In fact part of the story specifically mentions a coati at Iguassu Falls. The coatis wouldn’t oblige by posing for a photo but the waterfalls did! Shameless plug following in photos!

One of the things we noticed more from this side of Iguassu was the birds. There were so many of them flying and swooping, ducking and diving. The eagles in particular were numerous. They almost seemed to be performing for us. They’d swoop in ever closer to the crowds below who were all clicking and snapping away frantically. They seemed to be enjoying the show as much as the humans. Not long after this side show the sun really started to break through and the waterfalls were bathed in golden light once more.

During this break in the clouds we found ourselves on the final walk way. In Argentina we’d seen the Devil’s Throat from above. We’d watched the water roar and broil as it gurgled down to the river. In Brazil we saw the Devil’s Throat from below. This time the water seemed to fling itself from the top of the cliffs in a roaring, seething mass. And of course the walk way took us right towards the water and another soaking.

There really does become a point where you simply can’t get any wetter. It’s safe to say, we were at that point!

Iguassu Park had been spectacular from both countries. For me, I felt more moved on the Argentine side but maybe that’s because I saw it first. Either way this is a truly unforgettable sight and one I feel truly privileged to have seen. Whether you see it wet or dry it is definitely worth it.

Back through border control (which took ages this time) and we were starting to contemplate moving on. Our next stop would be Rio de Janeiro.

We were all a little apprehensive. South America had been warm, kind, welcoming, friendly, (a little wet at times) and above all safe. There are horror stories about the crime in Rio. The danger for tourists is constantly talked about and  we were all a little fearful about what lay ahead of us.

How wrong we were…

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