The next destination on our South American adventure was Iguassu Falls. Along with Machu Picchu this had been one of the sights I’d been most looking forward to and we weren’t to be disappointed.

The flight in alone was amazing, dropping us down onto a tiny air strip quite literally in the middle of the rain forest. We could feel the tropical heat as soon as we left the plane.

We’d booked into self contained bungalows whose owner  Blas lived on site. A real family man, Blas made us feel welcome and helped us with maps, sites to see and booking a driver for the trip to Iguassu National Park.

Having unpacked we set off down to the Three Frontiers as recommended by Blas. This is the place where the River Iguassu meets the River Parana. It’s a sort of river t-junction  with Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil at three points within eyesight. The Argentine side where we were, had built a water feature and tourist spot to mark this geographical spot.

Having enjoyed the spray from the water feature, our tummies told us it was time to seek out food. We walked back to the main town of Puerto Iguassu which is very laid back – in total contrast to the ritz and glitz of Buenos Aires.

We enjoyed a quick bite to eat and then headed back to the bungalows. The peaceful night’s sleep we all needed didn’t quite go to plan though. Like many buildings in South America the roof was  made of corrugated iron and it was this which be partly to blame for our disturbed sleep. Blas’s garden was lovely  with benches and chairs for guests to lounge around in. And lots of shady trees. Shady trees with mango.

And it was one of these mango that decided to leave its tree and land on our roof in the middle of the night. I don’t know if any of you have ever experienced the sound of a mango landing on a corrugated iron roof in the middle of the night but let me tell you, it is LOUD!

Dom and I both awoke with a start. I was convinced there had been some kind of explosion and it was really quite alarming. Having sprung up to the window and seeing no sign of intruders or anything suspicious Dom realised that a lovely mango tree was right next to our room and was the culprit of the noise! What a relief.

Struggling back to sleep for the remaining couple of hours  we were up and ready for a day of waterfall magic at Iguassu National Park.

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