Lose Yourself in Books

I’m really lucky. I live opposite my local library. Although it’s relatively small, it is well used and busy. Recently we found out it would not be closing in the latest round of cuts. Phew!

Libraries are such wonderful places. I’ve visited them since I was tiny. I have vivid memories of going to the library with Mum and my brother when I was no more than 3 years old. Apart from the shelves and shelves of books the thing I remember most is the smell. There is something very evocative about the smell of books. Am I the only one who loves to touch the paper, flutter the pages and inhale the lovely aroma that floats up from within?

The fact that so many libraries have been closed saddens me beyond belief. Books should be freely available to all. Everyone should have access to exploration, imagination, education, companionship, information, ideas and new experiences. All of which can be gained from a book. 

If you haven’t popped into your local library for a while, why not give it a try. There could be the very book you’ve been searching for just waiting for you to take it home.


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