It’s Been a While…

So 2016 is nearly in its third month and I haven’t blogged since November!

I can only apologise. It’s been a busy time at Lamby Towers.

My blogs are going to be changing ever so slightly. From now on, this blog will cover all aspects of Little Lamb Tales, Little Lamb Phonics and also my work as a children’s author under my own name Jude Lennon. 

The biggest piece of news to share in this blog is that the first print run of my children’s book The Dragon of Allerton Oak sold out before Christmas and I took delivery of a new print run about 4 weeks ago. 

I made the decision not to put my book on Amazon or Waterstones or any other big, well known sites. Many people thought I was mad! But I stuck to my principles of supporting local businesses and independent bookshops and it has paid off. I am truly delighted with how well the book has sold. The fact that the book is set in my local area has obviously contributed to the sales figures in local shops. Would I do that again – for a book with a local theme absolutely.

However, my next book is due out in June and is called Astronaut Lamby. I’m sure you’ve worked it out from the title but this book is NOT set locally and this has changed how I will market and sell it. This time I am self-publishing through a site called Create Space which means the book will be available from the local bookshops and businesses plus on line retailers. If Lamby can take the leap into the unknown so can I!

Astronaut Lamby launches on June 16th which is the anniversary of the first female astronaut in space. The book will be illustrated by Holly Bushnell. For more information please visit 

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