The Fabulous Frost Fair

The Fabulous Frost Fair

One of the first things I sorted when I started Little Lamb Tales were some branded T-shirts to wear when I’m storytelling. As you will know if you are regular followers, Lamby has his own T-shirt too. 

Lamby  has more than just T-shirts though. He has a wardrobe to rival Dior. Amongst his many outfits are some amazingly cute ones for Christmas. I decided this year, I needed to compete. And so dressed in my warm, snug, fluffy Christmas jumper I headed to the Fabulous Frost Fair on Sunday.

What a lovely event this was. Organised by three women with a passion, Tanya, Soraya and Ali did a fantastic job. There were stalls selling gifts, crafts, food, drink, clothes and jewellery. The stall holders were local and it was a great place to showcase home grown talent. Set in the lovely grounds at Claremont Farm the event provided 2 days and one evening of fun for the whole family. It also raised lots of money for a truly worthy cause – Clatterbridge.

As we needed a Christmas fairy for some of our stories, we also took along another team member…Flossie. We all had a wonderful time! I love my job all year round but there is something even more magical about telling Christmas stories to children. Their wide eyed innocence and gasps of delight when you mention Father Christmas, Fairies or Rudolph could make the grumpiest person smile. And Lamby and Flossie’s costumes really raised a smile amongst the grown ups too. 

Here are some of the comments we received

“That was lovely! Thanks so much for keeping the kids so well entertained.”

“What lovely stories. I feel ready for Christmas now.”

“You’ll never get rid of us! The kids love stories. Thanks so much.”

While Team Lamby were nice and snug in the room above the cafe, there was lots of excitement outdoors too. Santa paid a visit and his reindeer seemed pretty at home on the farm. 

The marquees and barns were full of happy shoppers and happy stall holders. We even found time for a quick catch up with Litttle Miss P and Peanut and Gremlin

I’m a bit bah humbug about Christmas until December normally but this really helped to put me in a festive mood. We hope to back next year…

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  1. Thanks was great to catch up and so lovely to see the little ones enthusiastically joining in with all the actions and stories. We had a great weekend on the Peanut and Gremlin stall, with our across the way neighbours at Little Miss P. Really got us in the Christmas spirit and my Christmas socks are now making their annual appearance from the loft

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