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It’s been a very busy time in Lamby Towers for the last few weeks. As well as storytelling throughout the summer I have also been preparing for the launch of my new children’s book The Dragon of Allerton Oak

This has been a very exciting time as you can imagine. The story started life a few years ago, as an oral tale that I made up after a walk in Calderstones Park, Liverpool. In the park there is an ancient, gnarled, mysterious and magnificent looking oak tree. It has stood there for around a thousand years and was used as a kind of court house before such things existed. As soon as I spotted that tree, I knew a dragon had caused the damage. People can say all they like that it was lightning but I know better!

The more I told this oral story, the more children and adults seemed to enjoy it so I decided to put it onto paper. This was quite a departure in style for me as most of my other stories are rhyming which is how I prefer to write. However, this one seemed to work as a straight story.

Whilst volunteering with The Reader Org I came across the brilliant illustrator Chris Rodenhurst. His sketches of the tree as we stood around it were brilliant and luckily for me he agreed to work on the book.

So the words and pictures were sorted, now I just needed to publish it. Like many writers I have tried the traditional send off work to agent and wait for rejection letter. You can spend years trying to find an agent who can then spend even more years trying to secure a publishing deal. No wonder the self-publishing and independent author sector is growing.

Liverpool is a creative city and luckily for me I found Beatles, Liverpool and More a family run business who specialise in Beatles and Liverpool history. They also offer publishing services. 

Slowly but surely the book started to take shape. Re-writes, editing (thanks to Sue Miller at All Words Matter , draft drawings, final drawings and layout all took place. 

The first time I collected the book I was a little star struck “But it looks like a real book!” I thought. It was really quite a thrill. I’ve had other things published before but they were for competitions or collaborations so seeing my very own first children’s book beautifully presented was fantastic.

And so to the launch night at The Reader Org in Calderstones Park. What a fabulous event! So many people came along to support us including Gary Miller who has offered me support in all aspects of my businesses. 

It was lovely to see so many adults and children enjoying our book. We also had a very special guest, our competition winner Grace who chose the fabulous name Roary for our dragon mascot.

Even the weather was kind which meant we could enjoy a reading of the actual book under the Allerton Oak itself. 

So all that remains for me to say is a huge thank you to everyone who came to support myself and Chris Rodenhurst in our creative venture. We really do appreciate it. And if you would like to buy the book please email Jude at or pop into one of the following places

The Bridge Chapel Centre, Heath Road, Garston, L19 4XR
The Pet Shop, 173 Allerton Road, Liverpool, L18 6HG
Lifestyle Collective, Allerton Road, L18 6HG (from mid September)
Write Blend, South Road, Waterloo, L22 0ND
Hope Place, Prenton, Wirral, CH42 9LE (from 16th September)
The Crib, 119-121 Eastbank Street, Southport PR8 1DQ (from 12th September)

For more information about Little Lamb Tales, Little Lamb Phonics or Jude’s writing please visit or

And next time you are in Calderstones Park, go and see the tree and I’m sure you’ll agree with me – it was a dragon, not lightning!

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