Dreaming of Kate

Back in September we went to watch the Kate Bush tribute act ‘Dreaming of Kate’ and what a treat they were. I even wrote a review for a local Liverpool Magazine ‘LVT’. The band are currently touring Europe but will be back on our shores soon and more excitingly back in Liverpool in April. If you love Kate Bush and have the chance to go and see them you won’t be disappointed. Anyway, here’s that review…

You could say I grew up with Kate Bush.  My Mum’s eclectic music taste ensured that one of my earliest memories was watching Kate Bush on Top of the Pops (that dates me!) complete with wild hair and floaty dress.  And that was that!  Not a hard core fan but one who has enjoyed her music ever since.
After years of reclusive living, Kate announced a massive tour for the first time since her 1979 tour which started here in our very own Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.  As usual with legends who announce a tour these days, the tickets flew and only the chosen few were rewarded. Luckily for me, I had a contingency plan…
On August 27th Kate Bush took to the stage at Hammersmith in London but on September 6th the lucky people of Liverpool got their very own version to enjoy instead.
‘Dreaming of Kate’ is listed as a tribute band but they are far more than that.  This is a group of highly talented individuals who come together to form a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Having seen this group two years ago when they were under different management I already knew the audience were in for a treat. And we weren’t disappointed.
‘Dreaming of Kate’ comprises drummer Paul Tsanos, bass/cello Bobby Kewley, lead guitarist Liam Ako, backing vocalist Jerney Molenaar and key board player Louis Braam fronted by the all singing, all dancing Maaike Breijman. Not only does she bear an uncanny resemblance to Kate, she sings and dances like her too.  The attention to detail in this show is staggering.  Hours must have been spent watching old videos and footage before translating this into the choreography for the show and I use the word show rather than gig on purpose.  It was quite simply, a piece of theatrical brilliance. As for the incredible number of costume changes in just seconds between each song, any lesser female (me for example) would have been grappling with tights and shoes while the show carried on without me.
The set covered numbers that any Kate Bush fan would have been delighted with.  From Hounds of Love to The Man with the Child in His Eyes and Babooshka to Breathe there was something for every mood and emotion. I’m not ashamed to say that, like last time, This Woman’s Work nearly reduced me to tears with the heartfelt, passionate and raw delivery. It was a hair on the back of your neck moment.
The show seemed to build in momentum before finishing with the uplifting Big Sky.  The whole crowd and indeed the band were obviously having a great time.  And of course, we couldn’t let them leave without demanding an encore in the form of Wuthering Heights: a performance that took me back to the place where it all began.
Dreaming of Kate is an extraordinary show of quality, brilliance and talent and if I were Kate Bush I might even be tempted to buy a ticket myself!

Jude Lennon 12th September 2014

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