Hello from Lamby HQ

Welcome to the Little Lamb blog.  I suppose I should introduce myself…
My name is Jude and I was a teacher for 18 years.  I won’t bore you with the many and varied reasons for leaving a job I loved (when I was with the children), suffice to say that ill health and a certain Education Secretary who has now moved on to pastures new had a lot to do with it. And now that confession is out of the way let’s get on with the real nitty gritty.

I WAS a teacher. For years I stood at the chalk face and taught small children the joy of books, stories and reading.  For years I taught phonics and marvelled at how dry it could be so I decided to do something about it.  I sat down and wrote poems for the phonic sounds that are taught in schools across the UK and NOW I am embarking on a new career as the owner of Little Lamb Phonics LTD and Little Lamb Tales.  

So what IS Little Lamb Phonics?  And for this I am going to cut and paste without shame from my website (details at the bottom of this blog) 

Little Lamb Phonics is the brain child of former Early Years teacher Jude Lennon.  Little Lamb Phonics offers resources to support the teaching of phonics through poetry and an interactive app.
Our Mission Statement
·        Phonics should be FUN!
·        Children of all abilities can access phonics through our poems and app.
·        Children are not measured as a collection of results and data.

·        Phonics should be FUN!

And Little Lamb Tales?  This sees me operating as a freelance storyteller for schools, community events, festivals, nurseries etc.  Years of writing the dreaded Christmas play as well as songs and poems for countless children has helped to prepare me for this. I also write children’s stories and I am the current Disney Winnie-the-Pooh Laureate for the North West. (Try saying that at the end of a long day…)

I should also point out that there is a mascot for both of these ventures.  His name is Lamby and he has become one of the family.  He is so well travelled he is thinking of getting a passport.  And here he is…

This blog is going to be a mixture of my voice exploring the jump from teaching to business and Lamby’s voice as he documents his days living with a creative human who has just sold her flat and bought a VW camper van called Buttercup whilst juggling the business of selling the app and securing bookings for storytelling. And if you don’t need a cup of tea after all that I certainly do.
So while you wait for the kettle to boil take a look at the website and facebook pages and we’ll see you soon….


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