Story time with Little Lamb Tales

As promised, I am starting a weekly story time for children (or adults who love a good story).  Hopefully this will give parents/grandparents/carers 5 minutes peace once a week during the school holidays. This week’s story is one I started on facebook the other day and is here in its completed version. Hopefully, by next week, I will have sussed out how to use the video thing and the stories will actually be on film.

So, grab your small people and snuggle up on a blanket under a tree, sit on the sofa, lounge on the floor or just get comfy and get ready to enjoy part one of story time with Lamby.

Once upon a time there was a lovely little lamb called Lamby. He was oh so cute and cuddly. He was so cute that everyone wanted to cuddle him and his lovely cream coat got grubbier and grubbier.

One day something terrible happened, a wicked fairy called Jude decided he needed a wash. She dragged him from his bed where he was having a lovely dream about eating daisies and she threw him in a dark horrid machine. 
The wicked fairy covered Lamby in lots of smelly clothes and slammed the door shut!  The machine smelt damp and the next thing Lamby knew, he was being drenched in water. It was a like a shower that never ended.  Just when Lamby thought it couldn’t get any worse, the machine started to turn around and around and around. Lamby started to feel quite sick. Then something runny landed on Lamby’s head. It smelt very nice but it made him froth up with lots and lots of bubbles. Eventually the bubbles were washed away but the machine kept on turning.

After what seemed forever, the machine stopped. “Thank goodness” thought Lamby. But the wicked fairy Jude hadn’t finished yet. Oh no, she dragged Lamby from the torture machine and dumped him in the washing basket.  Then she took him into the garden and  hung him up by his ears on the washing line. Lamby was VERY cross! “How long will I have to stay here?” he thought.

“There you go Lamby, you’ll smell all lovely now and everyone will want to cuddle you again” said the wicked fairy Jude. She gave Lamby’s nose a little pat and disappeared back into the house.

“Well how long have I got to hang around here” said Lamby in a huff!

“What’s the matter with you then?  Someone sounds as if he’s in a grump!” said a big magpie sitting on the wall.

“Well I am in a grump!  I’ve been spun around until I’m sick and now I’ve been left here for goodness knows how long.  I want to get down!” said Lamby

“Well that’s no problem” said the magpie. And with that, he hopped over, got hold of Lamby and pulled him free from the pegs. “Get on my back and we can get far away from here”

“Great, I never want to see that wicked fairy Jude again!” said Lamby as he climbed onto the magpie’s back.

Off they flew, high up in the sky.  Lamby looked down and saw the park, the houses and the cars getting smaller and smaller.  The higher they flew the colder and windier it got. They flew for ages and Lamby had lots of time to think.
 “Jude wouldn’t let me get cold” thought Lamby.  “I’m starting to miss her. She’s not so bad after all.  She gives me lots of cuddles, she’s kind to me (most of the time) and she takes me to lots of exciting places”

“Any chance you can take me back now?”  he asked.

“I thought you never wanted to see that wicked fairy Jude ever again!” said the magpie.

“Er I’ve changed my mind. She’s not really so bad. If you could just drop me back that would be great!”

“Drop you back?  I haven’t got time to go all the way there.  I’ll get you close and you’ll have to jump!” said the magpie.

So as the magpie swooped over Lamby’s house, Lamby took a deep breath and jumped!  He fell down and down and tumbled around and around and around.  
“It’s like being back in that machine with no water” thought Lamby.

Unfortunately, Lamby was spinning so much that he couldn’t see where he was going and he came in to land with a big thud in the middle of the flower bed.  He was ok but he was rather dirty.

When the wicked fairy Jude came out to see if Lamby was dry she couldn’t believe it.  “Oh Lamby! What happened to you! You’re filthy! You’ll have to go in the wash again!”

This time Lamby didn’t complain because he knew he was back where he belonged. Once he was dry Jude cuddled him and read his favourite bed time story.  And then Lamby fell fast asleep and dreamt about eating daisies.  It had been a very busy day!

Lamby and I hope you have enjoyed this story time.  Next week we will hope to bring you the story by video. If you have a favourite story you would like us to tell, get in touch and let us know

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